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Is it Time for Home Exterior Repair?

If you are like most local residents, your Las Vegas home is your largest single investment. It only makes sense to keep it in good repair, not only to provide a comfortable home for your family, but to protect and optimize its appreciation potential. What many people don’t fully appreciate is that the annoying inconveniences such as a window that’s difficult to raise or lower or a door that doesn’t fit squarely in the frame,

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How Epoxy Flooring Can Handle Your Family’s Foot Traffic

Is your garage just a garage? It’s been our experience that homeowners up and down the Las Vegas Valley, from Las Vegas to Paradise to Henderson, are using their garage as a “multi-purpose” room. Garages have become workshops, repair shops, and storage centers, as well as a place to put a car. If that’s how your garage has evolved, we have a solution that can make it look as livable and inviting as any other

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Paint That Will Protect Your Home’s Exterior

Your Las Vegas Valley home is probably the largest single investment that you will make. Obviously, you want to protect it. That’s why you purchase insurance. But there is a risk that you can’t buy insurance for, and that’s the damage our desert climate can do to the exterior of your home over a period of time. Heat, UV rays, wind-driven dirt and sand all take their toll on your home. Facing this natural attack

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Colors that Will Pop on Your Home’s Exterior

Perhaps “pop” is the wrong word to use here. We aren’t talking about painting your home in colors that will have the neighbors pointing at your house and dashing off letters of complaint to the zoning commission. No, we are talking about paint selections that enhance the appearance of your home and demonstrate an uncommon attention to style and décor. At AllPro Painters, we have some experience in this area. We are an award winning,

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Painting garage floor

Best Residential Painting Contractor Serving Inspirada, NV

Inspirada, one of the most popular master communities in the Henderson–Las Vegas area, is home to some of the most attractive residences in the area. From Aventura Park to Potenza Park, the community is dotted with medium to large houses built with a variety of exterior materials. From a residential house painter’s perspective, each of these homes represents unique challenges. If you call Inspirada home and your house’s exterior could use a freshening, make sure

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Colorize Your Perfect Retreat Ad

Best Residential and Commercial Painting Services in Mountains Edge, NV

If you live in Mountain’s Edge, you have selected a community with one of the most spectacular settings in Nevada. In Yellowstone, Vista Pines, San Gabriel, Missionary Cove, and virtually every Mountain’s Edge community, the natural beauty of the desert and the mountains is obvious. You’ve picked a great setting for what is most likely your largest single investment: your home. As beautiful as it is, the Nevada desert climate will eventually take its toll

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White painted Kitchen

How Hiring a Quality Painting Contractor Impacts Your Satisfaction

Do you have a favorite doctor? How about an accountant or an attorney? Do you have a go-to mechanic when your car needs servicing? Why do you use these particular people? We think the answer is obvious. You trust them. At AllPro Painters, we know that our amazing growth is due in large part to our focus on gaining our customers’ trust. In a little more than a decade, we have completed over 40,000 interior

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chairs and desks in classroom

School Painting: Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Repaint

It’s summertime. Do you know where your kids are? Probably not in school, and that’s why summer is an ideal time for school districts to engage in school repainting projects. While there are obviously times when interior painting contractors are required during the school year, it’s much easier to do a total repaint project when school is out. School interiors lead a tough life. Kids from all over the Las Vegas Valley are pretty much

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Neutral painted kitchen

Cool Interior Colors that Beat the Heat for Summer

You probably don’t need to be reminded of this, but July – the hottest month in Las Vegas with an average temperature of 106o – is just around the corner. That’s when people in the Las Vegas Valley, from Las Vegas to Paradise to Henderson, go into full “beat-the-heat” mode. Obviously, when it gets that hot we do things differently. We dress differently, we drink more fluids, we even eat differently. We’ll do just about

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AllPro Painters Earns 2016 Best of HomeAdvisor Award

AllPro Painters Receives the 2016 Best of HomeAdvisor Award AllPro Painters has been designated as a top Painting Contractor in the Las Vegas, NV / Henderson / North Las Vegas area. This award reflects the company’s high standard of excellence. boha-2016 LAS VEGAS – Aug. 21, 2016 – PRLog — AllPro Painters has received the 2016 Best of Homeadvisor Award for Las Vegas, NV painting contractors. This distinction sets the company apart from other painters

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