Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings?

AllPro Painters offers professional garage floor epoxy coatings that will transform your garage into a beautiful and durable space.

Besides looking amazing, the hardened and thick application that you get from epoxy creates a coating that is extremely durable and resilient to impacts, chipping, chemicals, stain and surface abrasions. No need to panic if you drop a wrench or if the oil leaks on it. Since it is resistant from chemicals and stains caused by oil, brake fluids, gasoline, and other car chemicals, it can easily be wiped away without worry that you damaged your floors. The application also fills in and covers slight cracks in the concrete.

Since the epoxy is a sealer, it’s also anti-dusting. Most dust in a garage is created when the cement floor sheds. Normal traffic on a bare floor creates a dusty powder, which can easily be tracked into the house. However, with an epoxy coating, the cement floor is protected from shedding, eliminating the pileup of cement dust.

The epoxy coating is also a natural moisture resistant. It’s also easy for cleaning; just a mild soap and water is all that it takes. Dust and dirt can be easily swept with a mop or soft broom. In addition, it will brighten your garage since it reflects light depending on the finish.

Beauty That Lasts

Our epoxy coatings are designed to last for years, withstanding wear and tear from heavy traffic and providing you with a beautiful, glossy finish.

Durability and Protection for Your Garage Floor

Our epoxy coatings provide superior protection against wear and tear, as well as chemical spills. Our coatings also protect against UV damage and fading, so your garage floor will look great for years to come.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our epoxy coatings are easy to clean and maintain, making it simple to keep your garage looking its best. Plus, our coatings are slip-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about slips or falls in your garage.


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Tough and Durable Garage Flooring Solution

speckled epoxy floor coating

Garages are no longer the dirty, disorganized and forgotten rooms of the past. Today, the garage has become an integral part of a home. Homeowners, today, are using colorful, shiny polymer and epoxy floor coatings on their garage and concrete floors to add a little showroom shine that says “look at me!”

Epoxy coatings are one of the most toughest and durable finishes that will put life into your garage floors for years to come. Not only does it protect your floors, it can instantly transform your garage from dirty and boring to elegant and upscale. Depending on the application you choose, there are a variety of of solid colors and hues, as well as custom blends and color flakes to match your individual sense of style.

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