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The Best Time of the Year for Exterior Home Painting

Sometimes it feels like whenever we want to complete a project, something gets in the way. Exterior home painting is no exception. Unless you live in the most temperate area on Earth with consistent temperatures, weather conditions, and humidity levels, you’ll have to wait until the right time to paint your home’s outside. But when, exactly? The answer, of course: it depends. Still, we can find general rules that can help you find the perfect time to hire a home painting contractor.

Stick to Summer

In the U.S., the four seasons take on different flavors depending on your location, but summer tends to offer the best painting weather. On the West Coast, where temperatures are often warmer year-round, winter brings more rain than anything. The East Coast, meanwhile, receives blankets of snow during this time. No matter where you live in the states, winter never provides an opportune moment for residential exterior painting.

Summer varies across the country as well, but with a bit more consistency. You’ll probably find more humidity on the East Coast, for instance, and the southern states tend to experience oppressively high temperatures and dry air. However, during the late spring and early/late summer, there are more moderate pockets of weather wherever you go. You might even see the perfect painting conditions during spring or fall, depending on the year and given day.

Ideal Conditions to Look For

The months between May and September will be your best bet for applying that fresh coat of paint. Within that timeframe, there are certain conditions that will make the job easier for house painting companies and ensure a better result for your home. The first thing to note is temperature. You’ll want a day that’s warm but not excessively hot. Paint sticks and dries optimally between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (this will vary slightly depending on the type of paint as well). Look for a day that lands in this range. You’ll also want a day with dry conditions. This means low humidity and no rain. Moisture can directly affect the paint itself and also enter between your home and the paint. This can cause chipping and cracking and elongate drying time.

Consider Overnight Changes

Part of the reason why summer is usually the best time of year to paint a home’s exterior is due to the minimal temperature fluctuations between night and day. In the winter and early spring, temperatures can vary wildly in 12-hour shifts. While most exterior home paint only takes four to five hours to dry, it’s worth considering how this rapid change in heat might affect the new paint job.

Temperature isn’t the only variable that can change overnight. Be sure to check the updated forecast for rain, hail, snow, or anything else that might take place the night after the paint is applied. Reliable exterior painting companies should handle this as well, letting you know whether it’s a good or bad time to paint your home.

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