Classroom Paint Refresh

5 Back-to-School-Inspired Colors for Your Classroom

A new school year means an entirely new year of learning, growing, and possibilities. If you’re a teacher, you want to provide your students with the tools they need to develop their ideas. Additionally, you want to foster a positive learning environment in any way you can. Much of this has to do with how you interact with your students, of course. But how the classroom looks and feels plays an important role as well, and interior painting companies can help. Believe it or not, different colors can affect mood and behavior (for your students and yourself). So for this new school year, consider implementing any and all of these five colors in your classroom.

  1. Green

Various shades of green grace the natural world, from grass to pine trees. Perhaps it’s in our DNA, then, to feel some yearning for green spaces. Of course, the shade of green you choose can create a very different atmosphere for your classroom. Lighter, subtler greens evoke a cool tranquility that may calm your students as they learn new material. More saturated greens have been linked to increased focus. Darker, forest greens will make a room feel a bit smaller and more intimate, securing the classroom as a safe place of inquiry.

  1. Blue

Blues, like greens, are ever present in our lives on clear days. A paint color consultant might tell you that lighter blues (like greens) often have a calming effect, while darker blues encourage reflection and intellectual pursuit. While none of these findings are conclusive, a blue classroom may spark creativity and keep students engaged in learning new things.

  1. Yellow

The color yellow works as a great backdrop for any number of other colors. This sunny shade provides a strong contrast for reds, blues, purples, and more. On its own, the color yellow makes a room feel warmer, brighter, and more inviting. Students might feel positive and more comfortable with their abilities when entering a classroom painted yellow.

  1. Orange

Orange, like yellow, often breeds positivity and brightens up a room. Of course, orange has a bit more energy to it, thanks to its red aspects. Like the tangy juice in a clementine, the color orange stimulates the senses. When interior painters use orange, students will enter the classroom with a jolt of energy, their brains ready to soak in new information, work together, create incredible projects, and ask a variety of questions.

  1. Violet

In contrast to the stimulation of orange, violet works well to calm the senses back down. Classrooms that encourage silence, introspection, and deep thought can benefit from implementing lighter shades of violet. Violet rooms are great for study breaks, reading, and even a daytime nap.

There are many ways to color a classroom, and different colors might yield different results. If you’re unsure about which colors are best this school year, get a color consultation. AllPro Painters offers free consultations and estimates. We’ll provide your classroom with eco friendly paint that will make your room safe and optimized for a vibrant school year. Call us today at (702)-623-9417 to learn more about what we can offer!