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Garage Floor Coatings: What Are the Options?

Have you given your garage floor any thought recently? You might be surprised to learn that more and more homeowners in the Las Vegas Valley are electing to upgrade their concrete garage floors using a variety of concrete floor coatings. Why? The reasons vary, but there are common problems that make homeowners look for solutions.

Concrete is a tough material, right? They make bridges and interstates with it. But the concrete used for I-15 has rebar, a 3-inch slump, and is designed to last for decades. It’s not the same stuff that the truck poured into a form in your garage. Residential-grade concrete is comparatively weak and brittle. It sheds dust. If you drop a heavy object like a wrench or hammer, it’s likely to chip or crack. If you spill an automotive fluid, like oil, it will stain. If your natural wood or veneer flooring performed as poorly, you would cover it with carpet.

So why are your neighbors putting a coating on their concrete garage floors? They are tired of it looking dirty and dingy. They don’t like the amount of time needed to keep it clean. It’s cracked and stained, and the only way to hide that is to cover it up.

At AllPro Painters, we are recognized as one of the leading painting companies in Las Vegas, but we do a lot more than just paint. Among other things, we are experts in applying a variety of garage floor coatings. If you want to upgrade your garage floor, you have options.

Concrete Floor Coatings from Lipstick to Rock-Hard Epoxy

A naked concrete garage floor represents a larger maintenance challenge than one that has a coating on it. However, there are coatings, and then there are coatings.

  • Concrete Floor Paint. These paints are basically a tougher version of the paint that goes on your walls. They come in both latex acrylic and oil-based versions. All you need to do is sweep the floor then apply with a roller just like you would do applying to a wall. This is the least expensive method to apply some protection to your garage floor, but that protection is limited. Typically, a painted floor will need to be touched up every 12 months. Concrete paint is akin to putting lipstick on a pig.
  • Epoxy Garage Floor Paint. Don’t be fooled by the word “epoxy” in the description of this latex acrylic product. These paints are just that…paint. Some may have one part epoxy added to their formulation to make them more durable than concrete paint, but they are essentially paint. Epoxy is a thermosetting resin and is applied as a coating.
  • Epoxy Floor Coating. The difference between an epoxy coating and paint or sealers is like night and day. An epoxy coating is everything paint isn’t. Epoxy is stain-resistant, rock hard, dent-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, can come in colors, is highly reflective to brighten your garage, and has a distinctly “finished” appearance. It takes serious surface preparation and a longer time to cure, but if you are looking to turn your garage into something more than a place to park the car, this is the solution you want.

AllPro Painters – Your Experts in Epoxy Coating

If you are ready to upgrade your garage floor (and increase the value of your home) your next step is to call the painting contractors in Las Vegas with extensive experience in epoxy coating application. AllPro Painters has the talented staff and resources to transform your dingy gray garage into a bright, clean, useable space. Call us now!

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