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Is it Time for Home Exterior Repair?

If you are like most local residents, your Las Vegas home is your largest single investment. It only makes sense to keep it in good repair, not only to provide a comfortable home for your family, but to protect and optimize its appreciation potential. What many people don’t fully appreciate is that the annoying inconveniences such as a window that’s difficult to raise or lower or a door that doesn’t fit squarely in the frame, can be signs of problems that need attention before they become bigger (and more expensive) issues to solve.

This is particularly true of your home’s exterior. Your siding is the first line of defense against our sometimes extreme Las Vegas climate. If there are chinks in this armor, like a door or window, Vegas outdoors can suddenly become your family’s indoors. At AllPro Painters, a leading painting company in Las Vegas, we suggest you inspect your exterior on a quarterly basis.

Of course, if you find a problem you have to ask yourself three questions. Do I know how to fix this problem? Do I have the tools? And most importantly “do I have the time to do this repair?” If you answer “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to call the house painters in Las Vegas that do so much more than paint houses. Call AllPro Painters now.

Common Repairs to Las Vegas Home Exteriors

Our summers can be hard on exteriors. Toss in the Monsoon Season and you have enough heat and moisture to do serious damage if there is a breach in your exterior protection. So it’s not surprising that September and October, after the blazing heat and rain, are our busiest times for home repair requests.

Here’s a short list of common problems:

  •        Stucco Repair: Probably the most common siding material in the southwest, especially in the Las Vegas Valley, stucco, when cared for, can last a very long time. As bulletproof as it appears to be, stucco has its weaknesses. Over time the heavy rains of summer, or even a poorly placed sprinkler head, can cause the stucco to breakdown and flake or chip. If moisture finds its way inside the wall it can compromise the lath supporting the stucco, causing stains, bulging or cracking. Stucco repair takes experience to get satisfactory results. Don’t try this one yourself, call us.
  •        Dry Rot. If you have any wood on the exterior, be it siding, window frames, trim, fascia, or even front door, it is subject to dry rot. If you suspect you have dry rot, take a screwdriver and push it against the wood. If it goes in easily, you most likely have dry rot. This stuff is a fungus that happens when a spore lands on wood and comes into contact with heat and moisture. If you catch it early you can repair it. Usually though, the infected wood and surrounding wood need to be removed and replaced.
  •        Settling. All homes will experience some settling over time. Settling can cause a myriad of problems. Those stuck windows and doors may very well be caused by being out of plumb. Cracks in stucco or masonry can often be attributed to settling. Fortunately, if there is no structural damage, most repairs caused by settling can be easily repaired by a professional who knows what he or she is doing.

When You Need Home Exterior Repairs

While we are best known as a professional home painter contractor with over 40,000 projects under our belt, we offer a full range of home improvement services. We have the carpenters, technicians, and other craftsmen to provide a wide range of repair and construction capabilities. If you have exterior problems, or if you would like us to do a professional inspection, give us a call today and let’s talk.

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