Paint That Will Protect Your Home’s Exterior

Your Las Vegas Valley home is probably the largest single investment that you will make. Obviously, you want to protect it. That’s why you purchase insurance. But there is a risk that you can’t buy insurance for, and that’s the damage our desert climate can do to the exterior of your home over a period of time.

Heat, UV rays, wind-driven dirt and sand all take their toll on your home. Facing this natural attack and serving as the frontline of your home’s defense, is exterior house paint. When you think of paint, you probably think of something that improves appearance. However, that thin veneer is like “skin” and protects your home’s “skeleton.”  Sure, it improves appearance (and value) of your home, but it is also crucial to its defense.

Exterior house painting specialists at AllPro Painters want to remind you that there is more to protecting your house than just brushing on some paint. Exterior home painting is a process. If you scrimp, or take shortcuts in that process, you reduce the amount of protection. And then there’s the paint. Some are better than others. Selecting paint for your home is about more than color and cost.

Protect Your House – Increase Its Value – Get Some Peace of Mind

As a leading residential painting contractor in Las Vegas with over 40,000 painting projects under our belt, we know what it takes to get the best protection out of a house painting project. There are two major elements, surface preparation and paint application.

Preparing your exterior is perhaps the most important step in painting your home. If the exterior has spots that won’t allow solid adhesion by the paint, even the best paint, then that paint will eventually peel or blister. Preparation also takes the longest time and is an area some painting contractors take short cuts.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Thorough inspection of the exterior looking for peeling paint, fading paint, chalky paint, cracks and other flaws like dry rot in the siding. Understanding the type of exterior determines how we prepare it. Stucco for example, requires a different approach than vinyl.
  • Any flaws in the surface is repaired or replaced. Cracked stucco is patched, rotted wood is cut away and replaced. Cracks in window casements are filled.
  • Almost all surfaces can benefit from a power washing.  Dirt and grime can be washed away as well as peeling or loose paint.
  • Surface preparation will depend on what material is involved. But the end result is a material that will accept the paint and encourage adhesion.

Paint Selection

First, if you are unsure on the color you want, AllPro Painters offers complimentary exterior paint color consultant services. Given our sunny days, neutral colors tend to be popular and almost every hue comes in a light enough tint to be “neutral.”

Color is important because it determines how much heat your home will absorb. Lighter colors absorb less heat than darker hues. Reflective paints aren’t quite ready for prime time yet but they can significantly reduce/reflect heat from direct sunlight.

Pricing is all over the board. Quality, self-priming paint that is expected to last 9 years can run from $30 per gallon to $75 without any noticeable difference in performance. At ALLPro we will give you our best opinion on the type of paint best suited to your surface material and your exposure to the sun.

When you want professional exterior painters, call the best in the Las Vegas area. Call AllPro Painters and start the process today!

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