Deck, Railing, and Fence Restoration

Has the hot sun ruined your deck and fence? No one wants to host a brunch or party on a deck that is lackluster.

Stripping, sanding and staining a deck is an extensive process that needs to be done properly the first time. Allpro Painters restores decks and fences of all sizes and colors. Prior to refinishing, our experts will pressure wash all wood with a 10 to 1 bleach solution and repair any broken damaged boards.

Painting Your Deck and Railings

Most people find that an oil-based paint works great for both wood surfaces and vinyl, but a latex-based paint can also be used as an alternative. It is also important to ensure that the appropriate primer is used: latex primer when using latex paint and oil-based primer for oil-based paint.

Prior to applying primer or paint, the surface should not be damp and needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Any necessary railing repairs should also be made before painting. Some railings may also need to be refined with a sander before painting.

If the railing is made of metal, some sanding and cleaning will be necessary since no shine should be present when painting starts. Primer is not needed for the metal surface and paint can be applied directly.