Exterior House Painting: Perimeter Walls


Perimeter walls are popular because they allow a specific area of your house or property to be enclosed. Sometimes perimeter walls are used to surround an entire yard, while at other times only a specific area (such as a pool or a garden) is surrounded by a perimeter wall.

Outside surfaces are exposed to the weather and many other external factors that cause paint not only to fade, but to shed. This is why frequent paint jobs are often needed on exterior surfaces. With a professional paint job, however, the paint will last longer and still look good for years to come.

Perimeter Wall Painting

There are a lot of different materials used to build perimeter walls. Popular choices for building materials include wood, brick, metal or stone.

The same paint will not work on all of these surfaces and the proper preparation for each surface differs. A metal surface needs to be rust-free and often requires multiple coatings. Wood often requires some initial sanding and washing, and needs to be completely dry before any paint is applied.

With many tools available to get the job done, choosing applicators is another area of concern. Sometimes a paint roller can help ensure the paint job gets done fast, but in other cases, a paintbrush may be the more appropriate option to avoid an improper paint job.

When a perimeter wall is installed, a gate is often put in place as well to provide easy access to the internal area. The gate will most likely need a paint job too since it’s important for the gate to match the perimeter. Gates also come in a variety of models and are commonly made from wood, metal, or other materials. The right preparation, paint, and applicators for the gate should be considered as well.