Exterior House Painting: Garage Doors, Entry Doors & Windows


Your home’s exterior is the first thing neighbors and company notice about your home. This is especially true about high traffic areas and accents like the garage door, entry doors, and window trim. Improve and refresh these areas of your home with AllPro Painters exterior painting services.

Garage Door Painting

Your garage door takes a beating from the elements and debris. Daily use also means that your garage door’s paint job is under constant stress. All of these factors lead to paint chipping and cracking. AllPro can ensure a quality and lasting paint job that will bring your garage door back to life. 

Entry Door Painting

Entry points are extremely high traffic areas of your home – which means these doors are constantly opening and closing. Without the proper protective paint job, your entry doors’ paint jobs might be wearing out prematurely. AllPro is prepared to make these areas of your home both attractive and durable! Because these areas are high traffic, we know that it can be an inconvenience to have entry doors out of order. AllPro’s painting service is extremely quick and professional. We are determined to work around your schedule as to minimize the ‘inconvenience factor’ of not being able to use your entry door.

Window Painting

Your home’s windows draw a lot of attention! They might be drawing the wrong kind of attention if the trim is cracking, rotted, or deteriorating. AllPro can refinish you trim and make your windows attractive as ever! This goes for both painting and repair. Part of our exterior painting services include carpentry and wood rot repair. Crumbling or rotted trim is a huge eye sore to the exterior of your home. AllPro can repair your window trim and apply a fresh paint job that will protect it from the elements for years to come! 

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