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Exterior paint jobs are often considered more challenging than interior paint jobs. While slapping on a coat of paint in a room is a rather easy task, painting walls and other surfaces on the outside needs a more thorough approach since the sun and weather conditions can greatly affect how long the paint lasts. Surfaces on the outside are often also different than those found on the inside of a house and need special types of paint. Interior surfaces often include wall plaster, paneling, and drywall, perhaps even brick or stone. Exterior surfaces, however, are often rougher than the interior ones.

Your deck is probably a space where you and your family spend a lot of time. Perhaps you have your barbeques there or have a deck close to the pool. Since decks are usually exposed to the sun and rain during the day, paint can quickly start to fade and the deck can start to look unpleasant. A fresh coat of paint, however, can quickly help you update your deck and railings.

Painting Your Deck and Railings

Decks are often designed with a wooden floor, while railings are usually made from vinyl or wood. Both of these materials can be difficult to paint the right way. Understanding how to prepare both surfaces, how to prime them, and knowing what types of paint to use can help you achieve the results you desire for your deck.

Most people find that an oil-based paint works great for both wood surfaces and vinyl, but a latex-based paint can also be used as an alternative. It is also important to ensure that the appropriate primer is used: latex primer when using latex paint and oil-based primer for oil-based paint.

Prior to applying primer or paint, the surface should not be damp and needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Any necessary railing repairs should also be made before painting. Some railings may also need to be refined with a sander before painting.

If the railing is made of metal, some sanding and cleaning will be necessary since no shine should be present when painting starts. Primer is not needed for the metal surface and paint can be applied directly.

Exterior Painting Services By AllPro Painters

When a job seems too complicated, AllPro Painters can provide a professional solution. A team of professional painters with experience in both interior and exterior painting solutions is available to ensure your deck and railings are updated with a fresh color. AllPro Painters will handle everything from start to finish. You don’t even have to prepare your deck or railings.

With AllPro Painters, you get a free painting estimate, as well as a free color consultation. This helps you understand what we can do for you and how much it will cost to get the job done. Once our professional painters have finished the job, you also get a five-year guarantee on the work.

If you need a team of professional painters to help paint your deck and railings in Las Vegas, NV, and the surrounding area, get started by visiting our website for more details – or contact us at 702-830-9631 for a free estimate and to request a color consultation.