Exterior House Painting: Brick & Stone Painting

Painting both interior and exterior surfaces of a house is a great way to create an entirely new atmosphere and decor. Surface painting is one of the first steps to creating a new design, whether you want to change the look of a house completely or simply renovate a single room. While many surfaces provide an easy “canvas” to paint on, there are some surfaces that are more difficult to paint and that require better planning for a successful job.

Brick and stone are two particular surfaces that often remain unpainted, creating a more traditional look. For some people, however, painting over these surfaces provides a modern approach to a traditional platform. Unfortunately, it is no easy task to paint on brick and stone surfaces. Careful consideration of what color, paint type, and applicators will be used for the job is crucial. It’s also good to realize that, once painted, there is no way of going back to the traditional look of unpainted stone and brick.

Considerations When Painting On Brick And Stone Surfaces

Brick surfaces are very common on the outside of houses and are often used to build fireplaces. Many other areas of the house may also be built with a brick surface and it’s often left intact to provide a different texture than the rest of the surfaces in the same area of the house. Stone is also a popular surface, but often utilized on exteriors rather than interiors.

When painting on a stone or brick surface, you have the ability to retain the original rough texture of that surface while at the same time adding a new color that will brighten up the area and provide a better match with the existing decor of the room, or even with the exterior of your house.

The opportunities for painting these surfaces are endless. Even though it may seem like a difficult surface to paint, with the right planning, effort, and tools the entire appearance of the surface can easily be changed.

Stone and brick surfaces need to be prepped and thoroughly cleaned prior to painting. Different types of paints can be used on these surfaces though some paints work better and last longer than others. Special tools and applicators should also be used during the process to ensure a successful painting job.