Interior House Painting: Walls

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Everyone wants their home to look great at all times, whether they are simply going about their daily schedules or hosting guests. The interior décor of a home says a lot about the preferences of a family and is often said to tell their story. Paint is a large part of this, which is why a lot of attention often goes into how different rooms of the house will be painted.

While several parts of each room can be painted, the walls are of significant importance. Wall painting is often considered one of the easier paint jobs, but without some initial planning, things can go south quickly, resulting in paint that does not last long, colors that do not match up, or even paint splats on surfaces other than the wall itself.


Interior Wall Painting

Painting interior walls is usually not as complicated as painting exteriors since the surfaces inside a home are not as excessively exposed to weather conditions and the sun. However, this doesn’t mean the job won’t be complex. Even though many walls in the house are the same, there are some cases where different materials should be used in different areas.

For this reason, a thorough investigation of the surfaces should be the first step of a paint job. After this, it is important to determine what types of paint work best on these surfaces. If different surface types are present, then paint options should be chosen accordingly.

This is where things can get complicated. For example, while a latex paint can be used for wooden surfaces, an oil-based option is rather preferred for chalky surfaces, when varnish has been applied to wood, or when a higher level of gloss is desired. Color variations also need consideration. When a blue oil-based paint is chosen, the exact same blue may not be available in stain-based paint.

In most cases, a paint roller does the job when it comes to covering large wall areas, but fine details such as corners and sides should be done with a paint brush instead.

Prepping should be done before the paint is applied. Not only does the initial surface need to be clean and dry, but surrounding areas should be covered to avoid paint splats landing on them. Covering these surfaces will ultimately lead to a more attractive paint job.

Interior wall painting takes up time and requires a lot of effort, which is why outsourcing your painting project to AllPro Painting makes a lot of sense. Our company offers professional interior painting services that give you the opportunity to sit back and watch as your house is redecorated just the way you want it to be.